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We engineer custom solutions to solve business challenges while
empowering our clients to build innovative, competitive advantages.

Financial Services

Pangaia Partners has over 15 years working with some of the largest investment banking, insurance services, and capital market companies in the world. Pangaia Partners understands the challenges faced by regulation, big data, mobility, and social media. Our team supports the unique regulatory and security requirements that our customers face, and has proven experience designing solutions to meet their dynamic technology needs.


Pangaia Partners technology solutions for healthcare focus on making processes quicker, faster and more efficient for patients and providers alike. Our products and services help you plan, build, and implement state of the art technology solutions allowing you to optimize clinical workflows, improve patient care, manage assets, and improve mobility services.

Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

Pangaia Partners solutions for Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences industries help customers meet evolving regulatory changes while creating better business outcomes. We partner closely with our customers to engineer custom solutions that help fast-track research and development, optimize manufacturing, improve supply chain processes, improve internal communications and collaboration, and optimize processes through analytics.

Government & SLED

Pangaia Partners has proven experience working with federal, local, and state government organizations to engineer tailored solutions that fit your needs. Our expertise in this space includes public safety and security, connected transportation, health and human services, and educational customers such as K-12 and higher-ed. We also participate in several contract vehicles such as WSCA and NASPO.


Industry trends such as digitalization have created unique business challenges for manufacturing companies. Pangaia Partners has extensive experience working with customers to develop Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that help optimize manufacturing processes such as R&D, engineering, supply chain, and distribution.

Energy & Utility

Pangaia Partners works with energy and utility companies to create solutions that are more agile and efficient. Leading companies are moving now to digital business models that reduce information silos and connect machines, assets, and people across the business. We partner with industry leaders like Cisco to help you get there.


Since 2001, several of the world’s largest telecommunications have turned to Pangaia Partners for our expertise in designing, implementing, and maintaining enterprise class networks. We also partner with industry leaders such as Verizon to deliver world-class technology solutions.


Pangaia Partners has been working with enterprise retail organizations to design, build, and support the latest technologies such as in-store mobility, customer analytics, Point of Sale (POS) optimization, and security solutions to ensure our customers maintain technical advantage over their competitors.

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Pangaia Partners

Pangaia Partners is a leading professional & managed services provider with a strong focus in network engineering, collaboration and data center solutions. Our name, inspired by the original landmass unifying the earth, represents the convergence of technology and its ability to bring together people, companies and organizations across the globe. We help our clients engineer custom solutions to solve business challenges while empowering them to build innovative, lasting, and competitive advantages.

Since our inception in 2001, Pangaia Partners has served emerging, midmarket and Fortune 500 companies in a wide range of industries. Our customers include some the largest Financial Services, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Insurance, Energy, Real Estate and Manufacturing companies in the world. We are pleased to offer a portfolio of best-in-class products, services and solutions from the following technology partners.